Sketches from Bandland

A wonderful thing happened at PAXEast this weekend. Well, a bunch did. But one of them was the impromptu weekend-spanning sketching/signing/chatting table in Bandland with some of the artists from Penny Arcade's Strip Search (which, incidentally, is an impressively compelling and fundamentally Penny-Arcade take on reality shows that people should watch). So I decided to ask some of them to go through the sayings I've posted and pick one to sketch out! Sadly, some of them had already left (Maki), some were busy (Ty), some really needed a break (Lexxy), and the Omegathon was impending (everybody). So I didn't get a chance to ask all of them. But Abby, Nick, and Monica did some! Here they are:

 Abby Howard: 'Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.'

 Nick Trujillo: 'No flowery road leads to glory.'
Monica Ray: 'No flowery road leads to glory.'


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